I’m Not Ashamed

Directed and co-wrote the feature film based on the inspirational and powerful true story of 17 year-old Rachel Joy Scott.  It is the story of her compassion, authenticity, and faith in the events leading up to the Columbine tragedy.

The film released nationwide theatrically on October 21st 2016.  Then came out on DVD in February 2017.

And was nominated for Inspirational Film of the Year in the 2017 Dove Awards.

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I’m Not Ashamed – theatrical trailer

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The Comeback Kids

Directed the pilot episode of this comedy show.  The story centers around two guys who were huge television stars in the 80’s.  Now after years of failure, we follow the funny adventures of our heroes as they decide to make a comeback.

Kudos to an amazing cast and crew for winning multiple awards.  Check out:


The Comeback Kids – Teaser Trailer

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“Changing the News” – commercial

Directed this wonderful spot for I-40 films & SafeKids Worldwide featuring Neal McDonough.

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Not Part of the Plan (development)

writer, director

“Not Part of the Plan” is a quirky, fun, and authentic romantic dramedy full of heart.   It’s an opposites attract story set in the quirky world of college life.   More news soon…






To Save a Life –

“To Save a Life” was distributed theatrically by Samuel Goldwyn in January 2010.  The film opened on 450 screens nationwide and shocked industry insiders by ranking fifth in per screen average just behind several large studio films including “Avatar”, “Legion”, and “Book of Eli”.   The movie tripled its modest production budget opening weekend.  Film critic Gary Goldstein of the LA Times wrote, “The teen drama ‘To Save a Life’, nicely directed by Brian Baugh…manages to be appealing, poignant and inspiring in ways that are gentle and quite real.”

During those first few weeks the film was ranked #1 in the Fandango fan rating section, earned an ‘A’ rating on Yahoo movies, and added thousands of Facebook fans.  The DVD was released in August of 2010 by Sony and has strong user reviews of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon, 4.1 of 5 on Netflix, and 4.9 of 5 at Walmart.  The movie also did well internationally in Brazil, South Africa and parts of Asia.

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of the movie has been the touching response from thousands of people who have posted on the website of how the film has impacted their lives.  These stories can be read at:


To Save a Life – Theatrical Trailer

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The Hidden Hero  (in development)  –  director / writer

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I call it an inner-city mythic tale.  A legend that takes place in the hood.  Imagine the magic of “Lord of the Rings” mashed up with “Boyz in the Hood” or “Hustle and Flow”.   Thematically it centers around the wounds and pain in life.  It is those wounds that give one unique powers that can either be used for good, or to bring more evil into the world.



Summary:      In a rough, drug infested city, a teenage foster girl with a tragic past discovers she has magical powers.   Days later, she gets word of a prophecy that claims she is the chosen one with the ability to destroy the powerful gang leader and free the neighborhood from the evil grip of the Darkness.  But the gangster she is supposed to destroy becomes the father figure she always longed for.   And in the end, she must decide between saving the neighborhood, saving herself, or saving the only people in the world that love her.














Illustrations by Jeff Nentrup  ~