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A Season of Soul – writer, attached to direct

“A Season of Soul” is a football drama based on a unique true story in the tone of “Jerry Maguire” and “Seabiscuit”.

Log line:  A talented college quarterback’s life falls apart after a career ending injury.  As a last ditch effort he decides to go into coaching.  It turns out the only job he can land is as an assistant coach at a Black college that hasn’t had a winning season in decades.  With his new wife in tow, he tries to turn the program around and move onto a more prestigious job.  But things don’t go as planned in this inspirational fish-out-of-water story.

Chronos Prize Finalist – an award for inspiring screenplays by experienced filmmakers


Appointments with Heaven – writer, attached to direct

Based on the popular book, this touching drama follows the life of Dr. Reggie Anderson and his encounters with the afterlife.

Log line:  As a teenager in Southern Alabama, Reggie experiences a horrible tragedy that pushes him to no longer believe in God.  The story follows him through medical school as he begins to question his atheism after several mysterious encounters with patients who are dying, as well as the beautiful and smart young lady who refuses to date him.

The film deals with the problem of pain – the difficult question of why God allows awful things happen to his followers.  However, the amazing true stories about Reggie’s experiences on the doorstep of heaven will leave audiences encouraged and amazed…and maybe even a little less fearful of death.




The Hidden Hero – writer, director

This is a modern day mythic tale set in the inner-city…a fairy tale in the hood.  Imagine the magic of “Lord of the Rings” mashed up with “Boyz in the Hood” or “Hustle and Flow”.

Log line:    In a rough, drug infested city, a teenage foster girl with a tragic past discovers she has magical powers.   Days later, she gets word of a prophecy that claims she is the chosen one with the ability to destroy the powerful gang leader and free the neighborhood from the evil grip of the Darkness.  But the gangster she is supposed to destroy becomes the father figure she always longed for.



Not Part of the Plan – writer, director

This opposites attract romantic dramedy is set in the college environment and celebrates the craziness, whimsy, and pressures in that stage of life.  “Not Part of the Plan” is filled with humor and quirky characters, but does not do so at the expense of authenticity and heart.  It’s similar in tone to films like “The Way Way Back”, “Perks of Being a Wallflower”, or the classic “Say Anything”.

The story centers around Zac, the studious, focused college student, who has his successful future all mapped out – until the free-spirited Zoey comes along and threatens that plan.



Little Park Little – co-writer, attached to direct

Mix up a ten year old boy, odd small town mobsters, and a valuable spork and you have this wonderfully quirky comedy in a similar vein as “Little Miss Sunshine” and Danny Boyle’s “Millions”.  Co-written with Richard Dane Scott.

Log Line: On the brink of his family losing their home to the local mob boss, the kind and unlucky ten year old, Park Little, apprentices for the local hitman in order to earn enough money to save his family from foreclosure.




The Spear of Destiny – writer

This story is an international action-adventure in the style of “The DaVinci Code”, “National Treasure”, and “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. Our hero races around the globe to find a magical relic that could change the course of history if it falls into the wrong hands.





Prom Dare – co-writer, attached to direct

What would happen if a girl with a big vision tried to use the sacred institution of prom to change the world?  This teen dramedy from the same producing team as “To Save a Life” delves into the world of high schoolers trying to help other kids in other countries that battle poverty.




I also have written several other scripts which I will gladly share more about upon request.

  • an imaginative children’s fantasy film
  • a humorous, drama about a homeless shelter director at the end of his rope
  • an inspirational bio pic
  • a roaring twenties drama
  • an epic fantasy story taking place in another world